Powerhouse 19216 TC2 Trickle Charger

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Length10¼ inches
Width8½ inches
Height3½ inches
Continuous Run Time (hr)
(Full Load / ¼ Load)
3.5 / 7.5 hrs


Solid-state trickle charger reliably charges small (3 - 20 amp-hours) 12V batteries, such as those used in generators, lawn-maintenance machines, ATVs, motorcycles, and snow blowers. Charger automatically shuts off when battery reaches full charge.


  • Charges small 12V batteries
  • Monitors charge state of battery
  • Ensures optimum charge
  • Shuts off automatically when battery is fully charged
  • Triggers indicator light to inform you that battery is fully charged
  • Built with reliable, precise, solid-state electronics
  • Includes clamp connectors to fit almost any battery terminals
  • Application: Small 12V batteries from 3 amp-hours to 20 amp-hours
  • Charge capacity: Continuous charge: 1 amp | Maximum charge: 2 amps
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Great for electric-start generators, lawn-maintenance equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, and snow blowers
  • Make sure that your small, electric-start machines are always ready to go when you are. Keep their batteries charged with this handy, economical trickle charger. It's built with solid-state electronics for light weight and precise charging. Charger automatically shuts off when battery reaches full charge, eliminating guesswork on your part and helping to ensure maximum life of your batteries.

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    • Item Number: 19216
    • Our Price: $29.99